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Abby Waller is darling.

Photographer to Photographer

Photography is something I love and I can tell that Abby shares this passion in the way she takes care of clients. This was incredibly important for me to know about her when agreeing to her entrepreneur branding session.

Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur

Also, she serves brides and grooms in the Atlanta area as well, and to get to work with a fellow photographer was such a joy! It was an honor for her to see me as someone who could successfully capture her own photography business through images. As a fellow entrepreneur and photographer, I know it is a vulnerable place to be when in front of the camera, because you’re usually behind it. You relinquish control. Therefore, that responsibility is not given to another lightly. Abby, thank you for trusting me with seeing and interpreting your heart through photos.

Furthermore, Abby went above and beyond for the session. From head to toe, she was dressed to perfection…even her office was drool-worthy! Her style and brand is on point.

Just check out her session for some much needed office inspiration. You won’t be sorry you did!

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December 2, 2016

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