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I first met Lyndsey & Taylor at Senoia Coffee & Cafe, my favorite local spot to grab a cup of spiced chai and enjoy great conversation!

Lyndsey reached out to me with the most thoughtful email only days before. She told me all about her engagement and plans for her wedding! As a local photographer herself, and a very talented one at that, I was immediately humbled and honored that she inquired with me to photograph her wedding day!! We connected instantly. She and Taylor are also fans of The Office, and we spent well over an hour in the coffee shop talking about their wedding, business, our favorite TV shows, and so much more!

These two are just two peas and holy canoli are they gorgeous!

We met at Arabia Mountain for their engagement session. After rescheduling due to rain, I was so happy that we were finally together again! I have wanted to shoot on Arabia Mountain for months now, but this was the first time I’d had the chance to explore the landscape! We started wandering around, seeking good light and finding picturesque locations at every turn…

Just wait until you see what we found on top of the mountain at sunset!!

Lyndsey wore a long, flowing dress that fit her perfectly. It swayed in the wind with her hair, and Taylor couldn’t keep his eyes off her. He looked dapper in his button up shirt with a massive smile stuck to his face for hours! Seriously, these two couldn’t stop smiling. They’re the kind of couple who is constantly thoughtful of their partner. The couple who slow dances in the kitchen and finds joy in daily life.

Lyndsey & Taylor,

I’m so thankful we got to explore a new spot together, and I can only imagine how gorgeous you both will look in Big Canoe this September!

Lyndsey & Taylor’s Engagement Session on Top of Arabia Mountain


June 19, 2017

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