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My sister wore a gorgeous, Catholic-length veil on her wedding day. She looked beautiful. An exact replica of the perfect models we’d all seen in magazines of southern brides! I remember watching my mom put her veil in at the very end, and my sister turned around to look at me and her bridesmaids. There […]

My biggest tip for wearing your veil on your wedding day

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“What’s in your bag?” I hear this question nonstop in my mentor sessions when talking to photographers. As a wedding photographer, there’s a lot of gear out there to choose from. We have endless options when selecting camera bodies, lenses, memory cards…don’t even get me started on off-camera flash set ups! With so many options, […]

For Wedding Photographers: What’s in my bag?

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How to photograph double wedding weekends This morning as I walked through the grocery store (had to get more Halo Top ice cream!), I ran into an old friend and co-worker from when I was a youth pastor. She asked me “you seem so busy! Are you finished with wedding season??” I gave my usual […]

For Wedding Photographers: How to photograph two weddings in ONE weekend

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As I’ve grown in my business, I’ve had some pretty kick-A opportunities to talk to budding photographers. After countless conversations over coffee, quick talks on wedding days, or late night heart-to-hearts sipping wine, one struggle consistently comes up in each conversation: building a business is overwhelming Think about it. Growing your wedding photography business is […]

5 Tools and Apps My business (and Yours) can’t live without!

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“I’ll carry your bag, get you water – whatever you need!” Before my first bride asked me to shoot her wedding, I was only a photography student. I said “YES!” and remember thinking, “Oh Laura, what have you gotten yourself into?!” I had no idea how to shoot a wedding!! The only wedding I had ever attended […]

How I Started Shooting Weddings

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I’ve gotten so many questions from brides about their wedding photography timeline. Questions about what time they should have their ceremony, how much time they’ll need for their bridal party portraits, when to take family photos – the list goes on! And I totally get it! There are moments when you feel like everything should be coming together, but […]

What an 8 hour wedding photography timeline looks like (and how to plan yours!)


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