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Pro Tip: Setting the stage for a relaxed and fun engagement session

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Can we all agree that no one likes to be awkward in front of the camera?!

It’s the worst! Way back when I began shooting, I remember not knowing how to pose or make a couple feel comfortable. I would draw blanks on what to do next because I was all out of ideas (cue me looking at my phone for pinspiration)! 

But it’s so important to remember that you’re not the only one who’s freaking out. The first thing my clients tell me 90% of the time is that they’re nervous! These photos mean a lot. They’ll be sharing their pictures with family and friends and plastering them all over their social media! So it’s my responsibility to give them images that they’ll be proud to share, and comfort is a huge part of that. 

When your couple is comfortable with in front of my camera, the entire mood of the session changes. They’re more likely to be themselves and falling back into their every day mannerisms. My groom is more likely to pull her close and place a soft kiss on her temple. And my bride will gain enough comfort to ease herself into his hug and lay her head on his chest.  When this happens, it makes my heart so happy because it’s truly how they interact together when no one is around, and I love capturing that!

So what’s the trick?? What’s the secret to make my couples comfortable? It’s simple:

Before you get your camera out of the bag, take 5-15 minutes just to get to know them.

I’ve found that by starting off the shoot with a 15 minute cushion gives my couples time to relax and get away from the traffic that caused some tension getting there. I ask about their story, what they love to do, their recent vacations, anything that I’d ask a friend (because I love when my clients become friends!!). Once we’ve settled in to just being around each other, I’ll start explaining a few simple poses. By this time, everyone is much more relaxed, and the session is a breeze!!

Bonus tip:

Stay away from wedding questions! They might add stress, and that’s the last thing we want! Get to know your couple beyond their journey as bride and groom. 

March 13, 2017

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