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Can you say with confidence that your website is helping your photography business?

I know this seems like a broad question, or that you might be thinking “well by having a website, I’m bringing more people in!” But I’m asking this question to you because you need to answer it and address any issues in order to stand out from the crowd and book more clients.

I’ve seen many photography websites that look the same. Each of them have these three elements: navigation across the top, a logo in the center, and a slideshow of their work.

And hey – at least that’s something! You can direct people to your site for information, you can put your URL on your business cards. You have your “storefront.”

But if a potential client ends up on your homepage, do you know where they’ll go? Do you know what button they’re going to click next or the information they’re going to seek out? Or are you hoping they click “About Us” first, fall in love with you, and say “I don’t care about price – I want her to shoot my wedding!” Tough love here: that’s not how it works. Not by a long shot.

The reality is that potential clients land on your website, and if they can’t figure out what you do or where to go, they’ll leave.

I don’t want that for your business.

Your photography and your personality deserve to be seen, and what I want to do is share with you what Story Brand calls “The Grunt Test.” Within 5 seconds of landing on a website, a user decides if they’ll stay or go by seeking out answers to these three questions:

1. What do you offer?
2. How is your service or product going to make my life better?
3. What do I need to do to buy it?

If your website immediately answers those three questions, you’re on the right track! Let’s look at my old website from when I was part of the Peach Photo duo:

That. Is. Bad.

It doesn’t say who we are, what we do OR tell the user where they need to go. Yeah, I’m sure the user could guess that we’re photographers – we do have “photo” in our name – but what makes us different from the other thousands of photographers in the Atlanta area? Nothing.

Looking back, I would have added a clear statement that told the user who I was and what I did. I would have created a clear call to action to “Book me!” or “Get Started” and I would have really been intentional about the content that I placed throughout my site.

So what are three things that you can do Right Now to improve your website?

1. Create a clear Call to Action.

A Call to Action (CTA) is a command to the user to act immediately, usually using an imperative verb like “Book Now” or “Get Started.” The top right corner of your website is the best real estate to place a call to action, and making this button a different color that stands out will immediately attract the user’s eye and focus.

2. Write a short statement on your home page that tells the user what you do and who you do it for.

It’s helpful to the user to know who you are!! Seems pretty obvious, right? It’s easy to forget that not everyone knows that you’re a wedding photographer. It feels like it’s part of our whole lives, but sometimes the user needs a clear, definitive statement that tells them that you would be a perfect fit for their problem. My favorite example for this is InVision App.

3. Add some testimonials

What better way to add credibility to your service than to show glowing reviews from past clients? By showing potential clients that you’ve received raving reviews, you’re showing that you’re trustworthy, provide great service and are worth the investment.

Go get ’em, Tiger!

I truly believe that making these simple changes to your site will give your business a boost online. If you have any questions about your website or your photography business, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m a short email away, and I love helping others achieve their goals — It’s part of why I also adore branding with Creative Entrepreneurs for photos of them doing work and what they love. 

3 Fast Fixes for Your Website So Potential Clients Become Real Ones


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