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We just got out of the holidays which means engagement season has now led us to booking season! Couples who got engaged over the holidays are searching for the perfect vendors to make up their wedding day team. As photographers, this time is important to make sure we’re doing everything we can to stand out from the crowd and attract our ideal couples.

If you’re not sure what your ideal couple looks like, no worries! There’s a great way to find out. Look back at the couples you’ve already served. Which wedding or session stands out to you most? Which experience made you fall in love with weddings all over again? I like to start here because I can direct all of my focus on finding couples just like that. For a deeper look into who your ideal couple might be, sign up for one of my Free Biz Chats, and let’s figure it out together!

Have you already defined the values of your ideal couple? Here are three strategies you can implement to stand out to them.

1. Write an intentional series of posts

My friend Amanda Olivia Photo does this super well! This time every year, she makes a series of posts on instagram that hone in on what she values in wedding photography. These act as mini-blogs on her instagram feed, and her goal is to attract the couples who share her same core values of heritage and legacy. I think she’s killing it. She’s creating a crash course on who she is, what she stands for, and how she will impact their wedding day in a positive way (and give them stellar photos!), all while setting herself apart by sharing her “why.” This also repels the couples who don’t feel a connection to those values and may be better served by another photographer. 

Put this to action: If you don’t know your core values, write them down. Brainstorm your favorite stories you’ve witnessed at weddings, why photography is valuable to you and how you want your couples to see you. Using your favorite content-planning app (mine’s Planoly), write out a series of at least 3 posts that all come back to your “why” and share! And don’t forget, pobody’s nerfect. Don’t wait to magically become a world-renowned writer. The writing will become easier the more you do it!

2. Set yourself up on the platforms your ideal couples are using

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options we have as business owners to connect on social media, but it’s important to be present on these platforms. This doesn’t mean you have to be on all of them, but choose your favorite top two (or three if you’re ambitious) and start engaging. 

Most people (not just couples) need to see something up to 8 times before it makes an impact, and you never know who might see your work and refer someone to you. I’ve had high school friends of mine see my work on Facebook, and tell their co-workers about me! And because I’m sharing my heart and why I love what I do, I’m connecting with the most amazing couples who share my enthusiasm for photography. Remember, it’s not just engaged couples that you can have an impact on. If you capture good, quality work, and make yourself known, people will find you.

3. Curate Your Work across all platforms

As I researched to find my own photographer, I combed through portfolio after portfolio of photographers to discover if I could see myself and Garrett in their photographs. From established photographers to amateurs, their portfolios were the first factor that determined whether or not I would inquire. 

One of my brides said the same thing. She saw my work and said that I was the only photographer whose work she could see her wedding day unfold in. That’s special, y’all! My portfolio on Instagram, Facebook and my website (the three places where I intentionally post my work) is curated to draw in the clients I want to work with. My bride? Total dream client! And I’m so thankful that I took the time to refine what I showed.

A final thought:

It takes consistent, intentional effort to make an impact. Doing something one time is easy, but it’s not what carries you to the next level. Create a workflow that enables you to be consistent and persistent.

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3 Strategies for Standing Out to New Couples


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