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Ever wonder what could make or break your wedding photography experience? After capturing over 130 wedding days, I’m here to share what I want all of my couples to know. Plus, some advice I give to my friends who are tying the knot!

7 Things Your Photographer Wishes They Could Tell You

1. We want to help create your timeline

Photography is a major factor in having a smooth wedding day. Most events revolve around portraits, so I always plan to work with the wedding planner to make sure the day runs without issue. Plus, I love to make sure you two have time to take in the day and not feel rushed from one portrait to the next. That makes a huge difference in how you feel in your portraits!

2. Don’t start with a budget (kind of)

While budgets are good and helpful, I’d recommend first doing some research on the photography that you love before setting a number. Then make sure you love your photographer’s portfolio and love the connection you have with them! Connection is so important when it comes to creating beautiful imagery! Plus, we’ll be around you more than your fiancé (not kidding), so it’s important you feel comfortable around us.

3. Trends can be tricky

While I love a good bridesmaid robe photo, don’t feel pressure to do something you’ve seen a million times on Pinterest. Find what connects with you both as a couple and focus on those details! This can also be said for the garter toss, cake cutting or even a special exit. Do what makes you happy and what fits your day (and personalities) best!

4. We typically don’t need a shot list

I always make sure I capture a certain set of images at every wedding day (like a portrait of you parents, the wedding party together, etc), however I’m sometimes given a list of images from Pinterest or other wedding days. While I appreciate this inspiration, I do want my couples to trust me with capturing their wedding day completely and uniquely to them. I’ve found that when my couples trust me with their images, I can be more creative! I’m also able to hone in on what makes you unique as a couple, rather than copy someone else’s day.

Shot lists I do love are group photos, family photo lists and anyone who might be considered a “VIP” on your wedding day. Is grandpa attending from another state? I’d love to know who these special people are so I can give them a little extra love and attention!

5. Take your time

Right after your first kiss, you may feel the adrenaline and rush back up the aisle. I’m here to tell you to slow it down! This is such a gorgeous moment, and I want to watch you take it all in. Smile at your friends. Smile at each other! And if you want bonus points from me, pause in the middle of the aisle for a romantic kiss. Trust me, your guests will LOVE it!


6. Fill us in on sticky situations

Family Drama? I want to know about it. I promise I will not judge you one bit! Weddings have a way of bringing out some stressful situations, and I want to be able to handle these as delicately as possible so you don’t have to worry. Two members of your wedding party dated and it ended badly? I’m here to help navigate that (and I promise I won’t pose them together)!

7. Invest in prints and albums – they’re worth it!!!

When is the last time you combed through photos of your vacation to Paris? But that print of you two kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower is in a picture frame on your nightstand, and you look at it often.

While your wedding photos are beautiful heirlooms that you’ll want to pass on to the next generation, more importantly, they’re reminders of the beautiful day that started your even more beautiful marriage. Print these sweet reminders and hang them in your home! I also love creating albums that tell my couples’ wedding stories! There’s nothing like sitting down for a quiet moment to relive a day that passes all too quickly.


7 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes They Could Tell You

7 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes They Could Tell You


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