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Not many people know this, but Garrett was my first boyfriend…ever

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You may not know this, but Garrett was my first boyfriend…ever.

Most people hear that and think that we started dating in high school and had a young love thing going for us. But we actually began dating shortly after my 25th birthday. Up until that point, I could count the number of dates I’d been on using one hand (senior and junior prom included). I wasn’t much of a dater, and there were times when I thought there was something wrong with me. But before we dig into that, you should know that I can confidently say that I knew Garrett was the “One for me within the first month. I’d love to say the first date, but I think that was just me being hopeful!
I’m not a picky person… but I was picky about this.
I knew that if I was going to invest my time and my heart into a relationship that it better be the real thing. My goals and hopes and dreams were BIG, and I wasn’t ready to take my focus away from what I wanted in my career.
On the other end of that spectrum, I just hadn’t found a guy that I connected with. I’d meet guys at events, bars, gatherings with friends, I even went on, but I knew within minutes of talking with someone that it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was waiting for that instant feeling of comfort and friendship and attraction all in one. I was waiting for what my sister had. What my best friend had. 
Above all that, I was waiting for a man who didn’t just like me too, but knew in his heart that he couldn’t let me get away. My generation grew up with Aladdin, Prince Phillip, Hercules and all those Disney men who chased after their Disney women! But more than that, I had amazing examples of men in my life well before Garrett came along. I knew what I was looking for.
But it took patience.
In college, my sister met Jeremy. She swore he was “just a friend” (let’s all roll our eyes together!) He was cute, cool and kind, but Rachel decided to keep her focus on school and friends. Jeremy? He knew better. He knew Rachel was someone special that he couldn’t let walk away. So he chased after her! He sticky-noted her car, showed up in the tutoring center just to talk to her, and he even showed her little sister and her friend around campus when they visited (that’s me!) He spent his time showing her that she should give him a chance. And fast forward to today, and they’re about to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary!!
Witnessing acts of love and persistence like Jeremy’s showed me this kind of love was worth waiting for. So I promised myself I would wait till I found a man like that.
I’m not the best writer, but I wanted to share this because I know that some of you are out there waiting to find this kind of love and partnership. Where you are right now can be tough. And you may have to wait and sift through a lot of guys that make you think the dating game is impossible.
But I’m confident you will find it someday. And when you do, you’ll be so thankful to find a man who loves you, supports you and chases after you every day.
Until then, stay focused on what you love! Keep working hard to be the person that you want to be. Set goals and dreams and go after them! You don’t have to be in a relationship to do exciting things in your life. In fact, you have so much freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want to do. Right now. And while that sounds SUPER cheesy as I write it, it’s undeniably true!
So if you’ve stuck with me this long, know that your story is beautiful right where you are, and I’m cheering you on to do great things!

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