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The things we do for family, am I right?

Not too long ago, I had the honor of photographing one of my baby brothers’ (okay, he’s not a baby any more!) in an engagement session with his gorgeous fiancé, Leigh! As we talked about locations for their session, Leigh mentioned how she was torn between two places: Atlanta and the outdoors.

Leigh and Ben loved each of these places so much that we simply couldn’t pick one to shoot at! So we split up their session: part one at the Beltline in Atlanta…

…and part two at Cloundland Canyon!

Growing up, we’d go camping each Fall with family friends, and Cloudland Canyon was one of our favorite campgrounds to visit. Not only does it have gorgeous views of the actual canyon, it has a stellar waterfall! Leigh fell in love with Cloudland Canyon as much as we did, and so we decided to brave the few hours it took to get up there!

Once we arrived, it was only a short hike to the Falls. We made our way through the trees, and wow! You’ll just have to see the photos!

Ben & Leigh Part Two: Cloudland Canyon Engagement Session


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