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This blog post is the strangest one I’ve ever written!

I sat looking at my computer screen for almost 45 minutes thinking “how do I even write this?” Because I’m writing about my brother. My little bro. The kid who created his own version of the ABC’s (it was called “ABC Cars”), rocked the cutest bowl cut as a toddler you’ve ever seen, and graduated with a 4.0 GPA from college. He’s grown into the smartest man I know, and I’m unbelievably lucky to be his sister!

Just two Saturdays ago, my brother, Ben, married his high school sweetheart, Leigh.

She was always the One for him. I remember when they first started dating. He was so happy to find someone that appreciated his sense of humor and love for music! She quickly became one of his best friends, and more. And as my family and I watched through the years, it only became more evident that she would become his wife.

The Wedding

My family rented a cabin in the Big Canoe Community, just around the corner from The Chimneys where Leigh and Ben would say “I do.” We woke up Saturday morning to the mountains covered in a thick and beautiful fog as the rain pushed through. During the week leading up to the wedding, we all had our eyes on the radar. The Powers That Be were calling for a 100% chance of rain, and even though my mom prayed her heart out that it would drop down to 0%, it still rained. I wasn’t worried about it.

Nothing could dampen the excitement of the day.

I left for the venue before the rest of my family because I got to be their photographer! After two incredible engagement sessions (you’ll find those here and here), I had the honor of photographing their sweet wedding day, too! I worked it out with my dear friend Heather to accompany me for the day and then take over during the evening! So as Leigh and her best friend, Hannah, got ready, I began photographing her delicate details.

Finally, it was time for Leigh to get into her dress and meet Ben. The whole morning, Leigh was a bundle of nerves! I could visibly see that all she wanted was to talk to Ben. See how his morning was going. Stay by his side. For this reason, I’m so glad that they chose to do a first look! Once Leigh set her eyes on Ben, she instantly calmed down and settled into his arms.

They finally had each other in sight… It was time to get married!

Before we get to the photos, I wanted to thank Heather Cook. You stepped in and allowed me to dance with my family (no matter how bad my moves were!), and I’m so thankful for that! Another big thanks to Emotion.Film for the video which I know will be breathtaking and for making these two laugh! And even more thanks to Erin with Winey Blonde Events, Evolve Beauty, Talk of the Town catering, & The Chimneys at Big Canoe for hosting us!

Ben + Leigh’s Wedding at Big Canoe | My Brother is Married!


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