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Kristen & Zack

You guys. Fall in Georgia has been killing it this year. And not just in the mountains! It’s showing off on the interstate, on my street in Griffin, GA, on the golf course behind my parents’ house…everywhere! Seriously, I’ve lived south of Atlanta almost my entire life, and I’ve never seen the trees change this many colors. Bright yellows. Oranges. Red leaves popping up everywhere (more accurately – dropping on my car). And it’s fantastic! I know that this time of year only lasts a couple of weeks in Georgia, so I’m soaking up as much of it as I can!

And if their timing couldn’t be more perfect, Zack and Kristen’s engagement session fell perfectly on the first day the leaves began to change. As we chose their location, Kristen loved the idea of being near water, but she also wanted some fall foliage (she got it!). I immediately thought of High Falls State Park! Not only is this park situated on the gorgeous High Falls, it produces some of the best light, and my little photographer heart LOVES it!

Because it’s Fall, and because they’re the cutest couple ever, Kristen packed a plaid blanket in the back of their car “just in case.” So we unpacked it, and produced some of my favorite Fall images! While it was almost 80 degrees, they were troopers and got all bundled up for me! Because when you’re in Georgia, you never know what temperature you’re going to get. It can be 50 degrees on a Tuesday, and that Thursday, it’s back up to 85! But these two wore “cozy” like pros, and I’ll bet you can’t even tell how warm they were!

Now to the stars of the show: I hope that you love your engagement photos as much as I loved taking them. As someone who’s planning her wedding right alongside ya, I know how fast time flies. I also know how stressful it can be. Cherish each moment together, and do everything you can to slow it down. This is your first (and last!) Christmas as fiancées – enjoy it! I’m so honored to capture these moments for you!

Cozy Fall Engagement at High Falls State Park


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