The Client Experience Guide

A step-by-step guide to get you from inquiry to your post-wedding process with ease and confidence!


If you've wanted to streamline your client experience and raise your quality of service, now's your chance! With over 150 pages of content catered towards your photography business, it has everything you need to start building the wedding photography business of your dreams!

You have built a business and a brand that you are proud of and it is time for more couples to experience your one-of-a-kind talents and photography style!

Get new views on your website with my SEO and marketing tips, and get that dotted line signed with my booking system go-tos! 

But it doesn’t just stop there. I share about perfecting engagement sessions to communicating openly with clients. Keeping your couples happy and secure in your services is a priority!

The Client Experience Guide has every aspect of the wedding photography timeline covered to ensure that your couple will sing your praises for years to come.

Plus, 5-star reviews lead to more couples.
Gotta love that!

The Client Experience Guide is for you if…

You struggle with attracting couples to your website

You can’t get past the initial inquiry/discovery call phase

You have trouble keeping up with #allthethings when it comes to client timelines

You experience headaches with client communication regularly (those late night texts!)

You want to increase your number of positive reviews and happy customers

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My favorite part is how dedicated and devoted Laura is to helping MY brand succeed. It's not about earning money or just having something so people will pay her to ask questions. Laura truly cares about educating everyone and wants to help you succeed! Her advice and education are what still motivates me to keep going when my life is rough. Thank you so much for everything you do and your sweet encouragement is always brightening my day!

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Check out each of the chapters below! Each section is full of tips, life experiences, swipe copy and more to help you feel prepared in each area of the photography process.

The Client Experience Guide

Chapter One: Getting the Inquiry














01. Getting the inquiry

- Marketing tactics
- What you’re brand says to all clients out there
- How to find the right clients (and what that even means)
- Attracting & repelling content
- If your website is helping or hurting you
- SEO & trade secrets to establishing yourself as an expert

02. Booking the wedding

- Setting the tone for a great experience
- Why booking is the most crucial step in building confidence with your clients
- Communicating through email
- Presenting yourself as the best option
- Never getting ghosted on ever again!

03. Workflows & systems

- Why your process matters
- How to protect yourself as a professional
- Managing the clients that are going to be knocking at your door!
- Time-saving tactics to give you peace of mind and structure

04. communication

- Tips for staying in contact during the "quiet" season!
- Why client gifting is a game-changer
- You’ll have access to my full bride & groom questionnaire that I send to all of my couples (this helps me create ballin’ blog posts!)
- Educating your couples for an amazing experience

05. The Art of The Engagement Session

- Understanding and communicating the importance of an engagement session to your clients
- Tips and strategies to have a successful engagement session
- Setting yourself up for success on the wedding day
- My pre-engagement session questionnaire and emails to best prep my couples for a great session

06. tackling a wedding day

- My Wedding Day Timeline Pack for a successful wedding experience
- Why serving should be our ultimate goal
- How interacting with family, bridal party, and guests impacts your business in ways you can only image
- Establishing yourself as more than a vendor
- Networking with vendors and making the most of each wedding day

07. post-wedding day workflows

- How to avoid buyer's remorse
- The importance of TIMING with your sneak peek
- How to consistently deliver quickly and efficiently
- How to make connections and set yourself up for success years after the wedding day!
- How to collect testimonials that set you apart from every other photographer

the client experience guide covers everything you need to create a rave-worthy client experience:

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hello,  friend

I started my photography business fresh out of college, not knowing the first thing about running a business. Over the years, I've steadily learned what it takes to create a thriving business. One that you can build a foundation on. Five years later, I'm running a six-figure wedding photography business and serving couples I ADORE!

No matter if you've been a photographer for years or if you're just starting out, I hope that I can provide some helpful resources to take you to the next level. 

I'm Laura, the gal behind the camera

Leave clients smiling and ready to write that review right away! This is the fun part - you deliver the photos they will love for forever. I also have tips to make the editing process a little easier on your end as well!

Allow your photography skills to shine! Keep your communication clear and professional, but have fun with your engagement sessions and the months leading up to the big day. Your couples will love how prepared you are and be able to enjoy their time with you wholeheartedly.

Don’t miss an opportunity to make a killer first impression! Your inquiry process will be forever changed thanks to the Client Experience Guide! Implement a Grade A workflow to keep clients happy and your sanity intact with your organized set up!

Think about all of the pain points of your current process. I am sure you are getting pretty exhausted just thinking about it. Don’t sweat it! I have everything you need and probably even a few extra things that you are currently missing that you can fix TODAY! Like right now. Before you close that laptop for the day or head out to that next shoot, you can have confidence in your client experience and the ideal couples to prove it.

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Transform your business from inquiry to testimonial with my exact client experience workflow and be the badass boss you always knew you could be!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I believe in this guide so much that I know you'll love it! But just in case after implementing these strategies, you see no return, I'll make it right!

I’ve done all of the hard work so you can implement the good stuff. I truly believe that if you put in the work, your business will see the impact right away with the content in The Client Experience Guide! Ready to start?

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