Planning our destination wedding >> The Grovers get married (Part One)

Planning our destination wedding >> The Grovers get married (Part One)

Our 6 week hiatus from planning

As we were driving to the Los Angeles airport back in April, I turned to Garrett and asked “Can we wait for at least a month before we start planning our wedding?” I asked even though I already knew the answer. Taking at least a month to soak in the engagement, celebrate and share it with our friends and family was a priority for me, and I wanted Garrett to agree. Thankfully, he did!

But shortly after arriving home from our flight, the questions came.

Have you set a date?

Where do you think you’ll get married?

Have you thought about who your photographer will be?

Now don’t get me wrong, I was extremely excited to start planning our wedding right when Garrett slipped that ring on my finger! I mean, I’d been waiting for this. Let’s be real. But I did want to be intentional about not skipping over the engagement.

As a wedding photographer, I know that planning a wedding is tough. Every bride I know has said the same thing: planning your wedding is stressful. As a bride, you have to make tough decisions and weigh in on everyone’s opinions – it can cause tension and pull you in different directions. Most families and friends have the best intentions when they give advice and share opinions, but the constant wedding talk can build until one day, you’re looking at Airbnb’s in Ireland and Hawaii and crying because you just can’t pick one! Why should anyone be crying over that?

I’m painting such a pretty picture of weddings, right?

Garrett and I made it through our month of bliss…and carried it into another two weeks. But after a few conversations from our loved ones, we decided to start making some big decisions.


Up first: Location

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to have a destination wedding. In fact, I think my family has been waiting for my wedding as an excuse to travel for years now (they were so happy when I met Garrett)! Since I was little, we brainstormed about where I’d get married, Ireland always being a favorite and top contender. Normandy, Germany, Bali, New Zealand…all beautiful locations that we tossed around for fun!

But one thing that I’ve always prioritized (you’ll see this word a lot as you follow along with our wedding journey) is Garrett’s opinion. While I’ve pinned to my secret wedding Pinterest board since I created my account, Garrett’s pinned other things. And now that we’re planning our wedding together I want it to be a wedding that celebrates us. Our story. Our journey. Our wedding.

When Garrett and I started looking at locations, we narrowed it down to two favorites: Ireland and Hawaii. We chose these two because they both have gorgeous views and culture. Plus, we think our families would have an incredible time here!

As we looked into both options, we created lists and weighed in on several factors: cost of travel, weather, venues, and attractions! Our main priority (there’s that word again) is for our family and close friends to have an incredible experience. That comes from a combination of all of those items!

Both options came out pretty even, but what made the biggest wave was actually getting married. In order to legally get married in Ireland, we’d have to go through a series of legal requirements, and I simply didn’t want to do that. Based on that plus the weather, we decided to get married in…


We couldn’t be more happy! We’re still figuring out more plans for our wedding, as well as finalizing the venue, a wedding planner, and our photographer, but once we get all of those squared away, you’ll find me celebrating over them on here!

If you’re planning a wedding and you have any questions on how best to choose for your destination wedding, hit me up! I’d love to help in any way that I can!

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