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Where do I even begin with Haley & Caden’s wedding day? From start to finish, each moment held so much emotion for their marriage, and I was so lucky to be able to capture it all!

Haley & Caden

Haley and Caden have known each other since the summer before 8th grade. They met at a church camp they both attended, and from what I gathered by being around their families, they quickly became friends. In high school, they started dating, and on a family cruise with all of their parents, Caden asked Haley to be his wife! This bunch is truly a family-first crowd, and it was incredible getting to listen to all of their stories and witness their two families officially becoming one.

Because it was all about family, the day was an emotional one. Haley and her mom share such a special bond. In fact, they both gave each other the same present! Haley prepared a book for her mom with page after page written about how much she loved and cherished her. Unknown to Haley, Caden was helping her mom do the exact same thing. For two years, ever since the day he asked for permission to marry Haley, Caden has helped her mom create a similar book for Haley!

All of the emotion of the day hit home during the ceremony! Caden proudly walked to his spot at the altar and shook the hand of each of his groomsmen. The processional began, and we were all doing well, when his mom and dad began their walk to their seats. The moment his mom caught Caden’s eye, she began to cry. That led to Caden’s sister crying (which led to a lot of us getting choked up), and then as is tradition at Neverland Farms, a bell rang in the distance. Everyone was silent as the sound of horse hooves hitting gravel became louder and louder. Haley and her mom arrived on a horse drawn carriage, and at the site of his bride and best friend on their wedding day, Caden became overwhelmed. And we all lost it!

Haley & Caden, I wish you two so much love and joy! You two are bright lights everywhere you go, and that was not only evident by the way you treated me on your wedding day, but by the quality and kindness of each guest you invited. Thank you for asking me to capture this day for you! It was truly an honor!

A Lush North Georgia Wedding at Neverland Farms


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