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You'll either find me driving to a session - listening to a podcast on the way - or editing photos with Guinness & Kahleesi curled up next to me (or more realistically ON me). But if I could choose to be anywhere at any time, it would be with my husband, Garrett, always. We officially met at a bonfire, but I was crushing on him way before that. All he had to do was smile and I was hooked!

Hi friend, I'm laura!

Part 1: bonfire beginnings

It was the classic set up...but with different people! Our mutual friends thought we'd be great for two of their other friends, but the minute Garrett walked up to the bonfire with his big smile and crinkle eyes, I was immediately charmed. Years earlier, he would study for his pilot exams in the coffee shop I worked, and I had my eye on him whenever he came in! I even told my friend, "If you set me up, that guy is exactly what I'm looking for!" So when he walked up to the bonfire, I silently shrieked with excitement! It only took a short conversation about travel, his love of flying planes, and my then job as a youth pastor to know this was something to pursue. Fun fact: he was charmed, not by my smile, but by my shoes! Thank you, Vans!

part 2: first date debate

part 2: first date debate

After deciding I couldn't not know him, I schemed to get his number from our mutual friends. As a youth pastor, I was planning a fundraiser for our youth group's trip to Guatemala. I called Garrett and asked him if his flight school could donate a flight. The school couldn't make it work, but I asked him for coffee to say thanks for trying! Garrett totally saw through me (I'm not very good at flirting), so we met at Safehouse Coffee and hit it off again! On St. Patrick's Day, he asked me out for drinks and the rest is history! We still debate about which one is our official first date...

part 3: third date, schmird date

On our third date, Garrett met my parents. At this point, we both knew that what we had was the beginning of something amazing! My dad's band was playing at a local restaurant, and Garrett wanted to come! 
This date and the dates to follow made me confident that I'd call him my husband someday. After only 8 months of dating, we decided to move in together. After a year, we got a kitten (Kahleesi!).
In all of our time together, my favorite memories are of us flying together, traveling and exploring new restaurants and sharing a lot of "firsts." But my favorite memory came after 2 years...

part 4: sunset cliffs

part 3: third date, schmird date

In April of 2017, Garrett and I flew out to San Diego. Garrett was born in California, and it's one of his favorite places to visit! He was so excited to show me all of the places he used to go as a kid, and I loved it. 
One morning, he took me to the San Diego Zoo because #elephants. We spent the morning there, and then left for Balboa Park where we had an amazing lunch. From the park, we traveled to La Jolla Cove to sun bathe with the seals. But my favorite part of the day was the evening. Garrett drove us up to Sunset Cliffs where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the BEST day ever (I'm sure you can relate!)

part 5: a week in O'ahu

part 4: sunset cliffs

Planning our wedding was one of the most exciting experiences! We're both avid travelers, and we love intimate settings, so planning a destination wedding for 20 people was perfect for us! We wanted an atmosphere that was relaxed, where our friends and family could enjoy a week-long getaway and an extravagant celebration.
To say it was perfect would be selling it short. 
Our wedding photographer captured it all in the photo to the left: Garrett and I looking at our loved ones having the time of their lives in O'ahu. It was the most incredible evening we've ever had and the perfect beginning of our marriage.

part 1: bonfire beginnings

part 5: a week in o'ahu

our love story

After meeting Garrett and falling in love, I discovered something so special about having our relationship documented by a third party. I got to see the way Garrett looked at me when I wasn't looking. I got to see how perfectly we fit together. And being able to capture these moments for my couples by using the gifts I’d been given fills me with purpose and joy! 

I want your wedding day to feel effortless, blissfully romantic and joyful. These moments are meant to last a lifetime, to be cherished, passed through generations, and reflected on in the best and worst of times in your marriage. The excitement & laughter from your wedding day is so real and wonderful, I want you to relive it all over again through your images!

my philosophy

01. wild florals

Full, flowing bouquets and florals for days? There's nothing prettier! Except if you add a sweet bride and her joy of getting married to the love of her life. Perfection!

02. Live Bands

As someone who's been to a lot of celebrations, there's nothing like a show to get me on the dance floor! Live bands bring such a unique energy to the party!

03. paper goods & maps

From letterpress invitation suites (like my own!) to watercolor maps and portraits, pretty paper goods have my heart! They make such good keepsakes to frame in your home, too!

04. silk ribbons

Talk about GORGEOUS. Silk ribbons from Frou Frou Chic were the only thing I knew I wanted for my wedding day (apart from Garrett!) They add such an elegance and movement to photographs!

05. First looks

Whether they're with your husband, your girls, or your dad, I love first looks! There's just no comparison to the joy of a wedding day reveal!

06. travel

I've traveled to 5 of the 7 continents, and I'm always day-dreaming about where Garrett and I can travel to next. Of the countries I've been to, I've felt most at home in Scotland and Germany!

my favorite things



Laura is not only an exceptional photographer, she’s an equally extraordinary human being. She has this incredible ability to skillfully capture each individual personality in the most beautifully natural way. It’s no exaggeration that they broke the mold when they made Laura and any future bride would be lucky to have her as their photographer! 

Lynette & Doug

"I literally tear up when I think about how amazingly Laura captured our wedding day and how much we loved having her beside us all day!"

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Nothing I say will do her justice! From the first time I met Laura, I knew she was the perfect fit as our wedding photographer. Her personality makes you feel so comfortable, like you’ve known her for years, and she captured our wedding day so perfectly from the little details to the big moments. She was the best investment we made and I am so grateful that we chose her as our wedding photographer!

makenzie & keith

"Laura is the kind of person you want around you on your big day!"

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Laura has an uncanny way of making you feel at ease which is the biggest fear for so many couples (myself especially) but I can honestly say I never once felt uncomfortable in front of Laura's camera because she gives clear direction and feedback while also making each session light-hearted and true to its purpose (a celebration of LOVE!) My husband and I are Laura Watson photography fans for life!

arden & wes

"i can honestly say i never once felt uncomfortable in front of laura's camera"

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Laura is a dream to work with. From the very beginning, she was very thoughtful and detail oriented. I never stressed with Laura in charge. Laura made it feel like we were hanging with our friends, making both of us super comfortable, and our photos show. Laura delivered value that exceeded the cost. We're so excited for any couples who will get to work with her in the future.

Lauren & Connor

"She captured our day so beautifully, I am still stunned that we get to keep these memories for life!"

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We felt completely loved and encouraged by her presence! We were floored, not only by the quality of the photos, but by how fast we received our photos! Laura is by all means a professional, her assertiveness and attention to the client is spectacular! Our wedding was the most wonderful day of our lives, and those memories are now immortalized by Laura's talent. Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of our hearts. 

savannah & scott

"she was more than a photographer on our wedding day, she stepped into the role and became our friend, guide, sister..."

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