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So, I got a little ahead of myself.

Initially, I planned to do weekly updates, filling this little blog of mine with the goings on of my business and personal life, week by week. I hoped to bring snippets of my engagements and weddings every Monday. However, after I got through my first week, I realized it was Thursday and I was swamped with work!

It’s so easy to think that you can do everything as a business owner, because often, you have to. We wear many hats, but we also have to learn the boundaries of what we can and can’t do, how much rest we need, and the importance of priorities. The idea of a weekly blog and update sounded wonderful, but in the busyness of June wedding season and serving my brides and grooms (#priorities)…it didn’t fly! So instead of bringing you a weekly blog, I’ve decided to commit to a monthly update. So here’s the first one!

June wedding season comes in like a lion and out like a tiger

Each year for a wedding photographer ebbs and flows differently. One year, I had 6 weddings in May, and the next year I only had one. The constant change makes planning my calendar different every year. I can look at my calendar and think, “Since I have more weddings this month, I’ll take less meetings.” And the months where I have fewer weddings, I’ll plan to do more planning, putting together timelines and photographing engagement sessions!

However, my June this year was a busy month with 5 weddings plus a planning month for my Fall weddings since Garrett and I will be gone most of August for our Honeymoon (Germany and France, here we come)! Needless to say, I was busy!

This month brought me so many incredible weddings though, and images that I’m proud of, that I’ve been so happy to share all that happened! Some of these weddings and engagements haven’t even hit the blog yet for their own posts, so y’all are in on a little treat!

Kristen & John’s wedding at Christ the King and Park Tavern in Piedmont Park


Katie & Ryan’s engagement session at Arabia Mountain


Emily & Josh’s engagement session at Cator Woolford Gardens

Makenzie & Keith’s Black Tie Chateau Elan Wedding


Arden & Wes’ Callanwolde Wedding


Katie & Jarrod on Arabia Mountain


Ben & Sabena’s Rainy Brookhaven Engagement


Kaley & Justin’s engagement session in Piedmont Park


Leslie & Frank’s Big Canoe Wedding


Laura & Nolan’s Wedding at Ivy Hall

Monthly Update: June 2018


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