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As I’m finalizing all of the details for my wedding (we’re only THREE weeks away), I’ve come to several realizations on this side of the aisle. With so much to do, I’m navigating between so many vendors and points of view to make sure everything gets done.

Have we paid the venue their final amount?” “I need to confirm with my hair & makeup gal when I’ll do my test run before the wedding.” “Oh, that needs to be added to the family photo list…”

Stuff adds up when you’re planning a wedding.

And while I’m the one going through it as a bride this time around, I’ve realized just how wonderful it is when the vendors I’ve hired tell me what I need to do to make sure they do a great job. Because, I’ve got enough on my mind to forget the little things.

Thankfully, I’ve got a head start because I know the details that go into planning a wedding day. I’ve experienced well over 75 of them! But even so, it’s chaos trying to pull everything together.

So I decided to tell you – from a bride’s perspective – how you can make your couples’ lives easier and ACE your client experience.

It all comes down to communication.

As wedding photographers, we know the ins and outs of our job, but our couples usually don’t. So we have to tell them! Are you planning to send them a questionnaire before their wedding day? Let them know. Will you help them plan their timeline? Tell them. Will they need to put together a family photo list? So many questions come up when you’re a bride, and it stinks being left in the dark

Here are three things you can do to better your communication (and give your couples a better client experience):

  1. Tell your bride what to expect. If you’re planning to put together a timeline a month before the wedding day, make sure she knows that in advance. Otherwise, she’ll wonder if that’s her job and how to do it!
  2. Check in with your couple during the down time. A lot happens once your couple books you. After booking, engagement sessions usually happen right away for save the dates. But after those photos are delivered, it’s easy to remain quiet. After all, there isn’t much to do until closer to the wedding day! But when you’re hired 9-12 months before the wedding day, a 6 month gap of time with no communication can seem scary to your couples. There are horror stories all over the internet of vendors bailing or scamming their couples. Don’t let your couples worry! Instead, send them a note. Ask how their planning is going and if they need anything! I take this a step further because I love texting my couples! Relationships are important to me in capturing wedding photography, so I’m proactive in building that right away with each one of my brides!
  3. Write out your workflow so that you always know your next steps. As you build your business, it’s easy to get carried away with tasks. It’s best described as “laying tracks down in front of a runaway train!” It takes an organized front to keep up with everything, and the best way to get organized is to write down your workflow. Have a calendar for when you need to reach out and get info/meet with your couples. Invest in a system like Honeybook (what I use) and place your workflow in that system so that you’re reminded of what tasks you need to accomplish and which couples you need to reach out to. Being organized makes you look way more professional and hey, your couples will thank you for that! If you need a head start, I’ve got my own wedding workflow checklist free for you to download!


Great businesses are built on customer service and client experience (hey there, Chick-Fil-A!), so don’t forget your couples in the craziness of building your business. We brides need all the help and support we can get!


This ONE thing can improve your client experience


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