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You might immediately be captivated by Payton’s long locks, but what holds you captivated is her sincere heart and passion for Jesus Christ.

Payton is one of those few young individuals who makes you believe in the upcoming generation and the power they have to do good. She’s a dreamer, optimist & adventurer with a healthy dose of wanderlust, and if I were a betting person, I’d bet you $100 that she’ll go far. Literally – she’s going to travel a bunch, I promise you!

I met Payton two times before her senior session: at her sister Rachel’s wedding and at her sister Lexie’s wedding! Knowing their families through both of these experiences, I was thrilled when Payton reached out to me about her upcoming graduation!

One of my favorite things about shooting high school seniors is the celebration. These young adults are finishing high school, and we all remember how great that felt! But more importantly, they’re taking the leap to go off and do bigger and better things. They’re setting goals for their future. What is more beautiful and exciting than that??

For Payton’s session, she told me that she wanted to do two things: 1. Incorporate her Bible in some way, and 2. Use her favorite map. I’m so glad she brought those along! Her map and Bible brought such personality to her session and showed off just who she was. Her Bible is covered with notes, prayers, and underlined verses. She’s diligently read through and memorized so much about her God! It was such a treat to see that dedication first hand.

We met at one of my favorite homes in Griffin, the Violet Bank House, to start her session, and then we finished in the downtown area to get some great wall textures and street vibes. We had so much fun, and I can’t wait to share these images!

Payton, you’re going far, girl.

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and on your amazing future!

I’m so glad that her mom and sister, Lexie, could join in for the fun!!! Love these women so much!

Payton’s Portrait Session in Downtown Griffin | Griffin Senior Photographer


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