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Anniversary Session + Fluffy Snow = Awesomeness

I love traveling for many reasons, but without a doubt, the most fun is that you find people who are your own. No matter where I go – Scotland, Southeast Asia, Africa, Guatemala – I’ve found people who share the same spirit of adventure. People who I instantly connect with and am like “yeah – we should be friends!” Ya know?

Maybe I’m just a crazy traveler with a social awkwardness that I’m unaware of, but meeting Sarah and Josh in Utah for their anniversary session kinda felt like friends just hanging out. Even though I’d never met them…or talked to them. Or knew who they were up until 2 minutes before our shoot. Whatevs.

So my dear friend Brandi (a new friend – once again, travel brings people together!) learned of Sarah + Josh before our trip to Photo Native in Provo, Utah. Both she and I loved the idea of snow and the mountains, so we thought we’d better find a couple to shoot with and take advantage of the snowfall! Connections were made from mutual friends (this world is S-M-A-L-L) and we found Sarah + Josh!

Now, these two are incredible. Not only are they just naturally cute (that’s her REAL hair color btw!!), but they’re legit the coolest. After living in Nashville, they decided they wanted to try Utah. So they worked, saved some money, and moved out here. No kidding, they were only living near Salt Lake City for 5 days before we met them for their anniversary pictures! I told you they were adventurous! Not to mention, most of these fun shots were so natural for them!

Anyway, I’m going to shut up now so you can get to the pictures – they are by far some of my favorites, so I’m going to step out of the way!


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Utah Anniversary Session


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