Laura watson

Composed with light,
in service of your legacy

Composed with light, in service of your legacy

Our approach to wedding photography is rooted in our love of artistry and attention. We believe your images should take your breath away, reflecting the reverie and authentic moments that make your day feel like you. Incredible images require careful planning, a trained eye for freezing passing moments in time, as well as a personal approach that makes your unique story a part of the larger process.

We want to create photographs that serve as tangible reminders of a day when love and connection were everything: the day when you celebrated the beginning of your life together.


You believe your wedding day is meant to be spent in the small moments. You don’t want to worry about when you’ll be able to join cocktail hour or where each of your loved ones are during family portraits, but rather to feel present and grateful for your most beloved throughout every single second.

You want to experience your wedding day in the present

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You love photographs that feel intentional, curated, and editorial, documented with both artistry and expertise. You also don’t want to miss what comes and goes in an instant: the precious laughter and tears and dance floor revelry that perfectly sum up the emotion of your day. You want your photographs to be a balance of both the styled and the spontaneous. 

You Value Both The Fine Details And The Candid Moments

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You don’t want to feel uncomfortable reaching out to your photographer for direction or to find answers to the questions you may have during the planning process. You want to understand your relationship well, ensuring exactly who you are translates in your images.

Hands-On Service Is Important To You

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The magnitude and significance of this day is not lost on you; you want to be able to hold each memory in your hand, revisit each moment every time you relax in your living room, and have a tactile piece of your legacy to pass down to your family as it grows throughout the years.

You want tangible memories to Cherish for Generations

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Thoughtfully planned

Engagement sessions are an important part of your photography experience. Photographed in a relaxed setting, you can showcase your personalities and get comfortable in front of the camera. For this reason, I offer complimentary engagement sessions for all of my couples.


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Laura photographed her first wedding by chance, a serendipitous request by a friend. She was immediately pulled into the magic of serving people on such an important day in their lives. She considers photography to be a career that chose her. It's one that she loves and that fills her with purpose: to preserve her clients’ love stories for generations to come.

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— nicole & robert

We feel so lucky to have had you capture our special day. Not only are the photos stunning, but we felt like we could relive the day through them. It’s magical seeing the final product executed to perfection after a year of planning and designing!

"Not only are the photos stunning, but we felt like we could relive the day through them."