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Typically, the first step after booking your photographer is to schedule your engagement session. It’s really exciting because at this point in wedding planning most couples have only spent their engagement booking vendors and sending in deposits. Your engagement session is the first actionable experience of your wedding journey. It should be celebrated!

The biggest question I get asked by my couples are: What do we wear? This is a question that comes around often, and usually from anxiety at picking the perfect outfit. Endless sources of inspiration (looking at you, Pinterest) put so much pressure on couples to choose the right outfits, and it can start to feel overwhelming. I’m here to break down some easy steps to help you choose what you and your fiancé can wear for the session! But please remember, these are just guidelines. Always feel free to mix it up and embrace your style.

1. Pick one or two outfits.

Most couples choose to wear two outfits for their engagement: one dressy & one a little more relaxed & casual. While that means you have to think of two outfits, it’s actually a win for you because you get more variety in your photos! And if you’re curious which one to start in, I always ask my couples to show up in the dressier outfit because it adds a little confidence when you look that good!

2. Don’t match. Coordinate!

We’ve all seen the white on jean combo of beach family photos…don’t be those people! While you may jump to thinking you should match, it actually looks more high end and aesthetically pleasing to coordinate colors instead of matching perfectly. For example, if he’s wearing khaki pants and a striped navy button down, she could be wearing a blush dress with some navy earrings or a bracelet. Those little accessories tie in that color, but they’re not overpowering the image with navy!

3. Be careful mixing patterns.

If one of you is wearing a pattern, the other should wear something neutral and solid to balance it out. Multiple patterns in an image may clash! It’s also important to note that large patterns photograph better than small patterns like skinny stripes or small plaid. Cameras have trouble picking up small patterns from far away and cause something called Chromatic Aberration that’s near to impossible to fix in an image.

4. Don’t mix classy & casual.

It’s important to be on the same level with your attire. For example, if she’s in a dress…maybe he shouldn’t be in shorts and flip flops!

5. Accessorize.

Hats, necklaces, belts, scarves, ties, statement shoes…they can add so much to an image and tie everything together! They also add a very editorial feel to the image and make you look like your straight out of a magazine. We’ve all dreamed about that!

Bonus tip for the ladies:

If you’re a romantic like me, think about wearing a long and flowing dress or skirt! These add so much variety in posing, and they photograph so beautifully! Also, if you’re a fan of the light and airy look, neutral-toned and light colors really enhance that look and it’s amazing on camera!

What to Wear For Your Engagement Session


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