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compilation of images from workshop vero in northern california

Workshop Vero Northern California

Part of calling myself a professional photographer is consistently learning and growing my skillset. It’s easy to slide into the “every day” and move through the motions, but I believe that my clients and couples deserve better. If a couple books me in February of 2018, by the time their wedding arrives in the summer of 2019, I want their wedding images to be better than they ever dreamed! A lot of that growth comes from pushing myself creatively at workshops like Workshop Vero.

Last summer I attended this similar workshop in Atlanta. The images I brought home were extraordinary, but even greater were the lessons I learned! Through each editorial, I gained knowledge in how to better compose my images, pose couples, and fully embrace the art of film photography.

While I still don’t count myself as a fine art film photographer, I do believe my skillset is improving! I’m growing more and more. And with film, time and practice is exactly what you need!

I’m so excited to share these images from the west coast! Each editorial was artfully designed by Type A Society with styling pros like Carrie Aldous, gowns from Claire Pettibone and Rime Arodaky and florals by Marigold. Each evening, we’d come together and talk about the day. We also learned so much from Carrie, as well as Sarah of Wedding Sparrow! Thank you to our host, Kelly Berry, for providing such a fun experience!

The Welcome Dinner

Before jumping into the editorial images, don’t you just love this welcome dinner Carrie set up for us on the first evening of Workshop Vero? The scarves are my favorite! They (and wine…) kept us warm all evening!

scarves wrapped around chairs for a rehearsal dinner floral arrangement by type a society for workshop vero

The Editorials

Over the week, we captured three editorials. Each one brought to life so much beauty!

The stunning Napa Valley venue, Beaulieu Garden!

I adored this bridal boudoir editorial inside the wine caves of Hans Fahden Vineyards!

Our final editorial took place at the shore of Point Reyes! What a beautiful finale!

Workshop Vero Northern California | Film Wedding Editorials


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