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Your wedding photographs are a chance to press pause on one of the most meaningful days of your life: when everyone you love is in one room, dancing the night away and celebrating together. With every passing anniversary, your images should immediately transport you back to the moment. Captured with honesty, in every frame of your home.  

The Journal

Like many couples planning a big wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sara and Joe were forced to alter their wedding plans to a micro wedding.

a few favorites from


Among the cherry blossoms and tulip trees at Meadowlark

Shelby and Russ celebrated their small wedding at Brick and Ivey this past winter with modern and stylish touches mixed with a minimal design.


Modern Minimal Wedding in Marietta

Serving my couples is twofold. It consists of intentionally capturing moments and artfully creating tangible heirlooms for their homes.


Heirloom Wedding Albums

My Work

I approach each frame with intention, capturing the individually lovely moments of your day and weaving them together to tell a story that could only be yours. 

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