Laura watson

destination wedding photographer

your wedding photographs are a chance to press pause on one of the most meaningful days of your life.

Laura believes in a director's approach - thoughtfully guiding the day while remaining subtle as moments unfold. Capturing each bold laugh and quiet glance with artistry and intention. Finding beauty in simplicity.

When her camera isn’t in hand, you’ll most likely find her snuggled up at home with her husband Garrett, daughter Elin, and their two miniature dachshunds, Guinness and Piper.

Laura's favorite things are those that endure: relationships, sentimental heirlooms, and of course, photographs.

Meet Laura

— Kim & Alex

Laura gave us the photos of our dreams and was fun to work with along the way! She went above and beyond from the day we first connected to weeks after our wedding date. She listened to our wants and needs, always showed up prepared, had a professional yet approachable work ethic, and delivered the most gorgeous photos.

""Laura gave us the photos of our dreams."

Careful planning creates the most authentic images.

Intention allows us the space to feel at ease and to capture moments where you feel most yourselves. We approach every wedding with careful attention to timelines and efficiency so that we create the space needed for you to be thoughtfully present on your wedding day.

Simplicity Will Never Go Out of Style

Elegance can be described as “making the most impact with the simplest approach possible.” We believe this should translate to our client's wedding days - to feel easy, uncluttered, and authentic. 

There's nothing like good food to bring everyone together

No matter the meal - wine and charcuterie, margaritas and guacamole, or coffee and scones - the best conversations happen over good food.

photographs Deserve to be printed & shared

Our clients want their wedding day memories to take up physical space in their lives, not just megabytes on their phone. Whether printed in an heirloom album on their coffee table or in carefully hung frames adorning their bedroom walls, wedding photos should serve as a tangible and prominent reminder of the joy and togetherness that define the day they said “I do.”

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