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Tiered all white wedding cake with modern vellum detail featured on Ruffled


6 New Wedding Cake Trends You’ll Love

Hey y’all! I’m Natalie with Cake Envy! I’m baaaaaaack! After our last post about cake no-no’s, I thought this time we could do some “Yaaaaaaaas girl’s!”

I’m a luxury wedding cake designer in North Georgia, and I make cakes for 150+ weddings a year, so I’ve seen a cake or two! Nothing makes me happier than when I get a new idea presented to me, and we design something on the front end of a trend. We all love being first, and cake is no exception. I’m here to talk to you about some of the new cake trends so you can be one of the first to have these designs at your wedding! Ready? Let’s do this!!


Cake Trend #1: THE CAKE BAR

The first trend that I’m really getting a lot of inquiries about is a “Cake Bar”. A cake bar is multiple smaller cakes in place of the one large one. Sure, Cake Trio’s have been around for awhile, but the Cake Bar is coming in hot! Brides are LOVING these! And why not? You can have all the cakes! Mix and match textures, design, colors, heights and sizes. And while they all go together, they don’t all match. These are particularly amazing on a large cake buffet or if you need to fill a lot of space.

But beware! If you choose multiple flavors, you may need to increase how many servings you get. It only takes one person at a table to rave about a particular flavor for everyone at that table to want to try it, and with smaller cakes, you’re going to run out faster. But these are show stoppers for sure! “Go Big or Go Home” is the motto of this amazing display.



While a handful of decorators had done this before it was made famous by Meghan Markel & Prince Harry, you see these gaining popularity! The “Deckled Edge” cake is referring to the unclean top edge of the cake. Decorators have been striving, since the beginning of cake, to get those edges crisp and clean. WELL NO MORE!!! This is the cake equivalent of the messy bun! Still gorgeous, but less pretentious! The deckled edge is created as the cake is smoothed out and the buttercream is pushed upward into an amazing ruffle-esque detail! It’s beautifully subtle yet stands out and says, “LOOK AT ME!!! It’s a beautiful small detail to an otherwise simple cake! If you want simplicity, you will definitely want to consider a deckled edge. If you want whimsy, yeah. It fits there too! You can’t go wrong with this one!


Small single tier cake for intimate wedding ceremony at the Venue at Murphy Lane



We need to just stop and catch our breath with these cakes! *deep breath Natalie Buttercream flowers are as delicate as they come. Multidimensional detail. HAND MADE! WHATTT? HAND! MADE!. Mix that with palette paint and you have a texture that is reminiscent of acrylic paintings you’ll see in the finest art galleries. These are beautifully adorned with a somewhat “un-done” look. Random and specific at the same time. Perfectly placed floral cascades that make everyone gasp when they see it. Use a bold color underneath to add depth and interest.

Pro Tip: You may need to put a guard on duty to keep guests from reaching out to touch it! Yep, that happens. THAT is how beautiful this wedding cake trend is! Are you ethereal? A bit on the organic side? Artsy? This is definitely the cake for you!



Not a lot of explanation needed here. Scrap the white cake & go for color! Everyone does white cakes, but I just want you to know you don’t have to! If you’re a bit non-traditional, then think about a non-white wedding cake! Now that’ll be a cake to remember!


Wedding cake covered in orange, yellow and red flowers


One of my favorite wedding cake trends happening right now is a lavish amount of insanely gorgeous flowers in a lavish and almost “over the top” type of placement. The cake itself is simple, but when we add your live flowers on there to be front and center and to highlight and compliment your bouquet…KAPOW!!! IN. YO. FACE. GORGEOUS! Can I tell you a secret? Flowers are my favorite part of weddings! Yes…. even more than cake! (shhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone!)

If you’re like me and went all kinds of over-the-top-crazy on that floral budget, let’s get the most mileage out of those pretties and show them off on the cake as well! Are you a little bit on the BOHO side? Then yes girl! You wanT this cake!



First, a little cakeology: So first off, they’re called tiers, not layers. A traditional tier is around 4-5″ tall depending on fillings & how it’s baked and all. When you get a quote on a wedding cake, you’re getting a quote on traditional size tiers. So generally a 3 tier cake is going to be approximately 12′-15″ tall. Adding in an additional layer of cake to one of the tiers to make it a 6″! Or maybe two additional layers to make it an 8″ tier (twice the size of the standard, which is called a double barrel tier). You can also take out a layer to make a shorter 2″ tier. You can literally add and subtract layers all over your cake to add visual interest, or to highlight a specific detail you love!

Ask your cake designer to play with this with you. Just keep in mind, you’re going to need to make sure your caterer is up to date on serving sizes because they start to change a bit when you start playing with tier sizes! Your designer can help you with a cutting guide if needed!


6 Wedding Cake Trends Brides will love by Cake Envy


Loving these wedding cake trends?

SO DO I!!! Go ahead and mix a few different ones. Buttercream flowers with a deckled edge and different heights? YES! Extra tall tiers? YOU’VE GOT IT! Cake bars with all the choices! OH SWEET BABY MOSES, YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I hate the saying, but you really can have your cake and… nope. Not saying it… Just have your cake! Have all the cakes! Have them exactly how you want them. Most importantly, have fun! It’s cake for crying out loud!!!!

6 New Wedding Cake Trends with Cake Envy


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