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“Life is too short and Too meaningful to coast through.” – Lara Casey If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram stories, you know that choosing a word to lead my 2018 has been a daily struggle. Last year, I picked the word FOCUS. I planned to hone in on goals with intense “focus” to […]

My word for 2018…and why it took me so long to figure it out

My sister wore a gorgeous, Catholic-length veil on her wedding day. She looked beautiful. An exact replica of the perfect models we’d all seen in magazines of southern brides! I remember watching my mom put her veil in at the very end, and my sister turned around to look at me and her bridesmaids. There […]

My biggest tip for wearing your veil on your wedding day

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“What’s in your bag?” I hear this question nonstop in my mentor sessions when talking to photographers. As a wedding photographer, there’s a lot of gear out there to choose from. We have endless options when selecting camera bodies, lenses, memory cards…don’t even get me started on off-camera flash set ups! With so many options, […]

For Wedding Photographers: What’s in my bag?

How to photograph double wedding weekends This morning as I walked through the grocery store (had to get more Halo Top ice cream!), I ran into an old friend and co-worker from when I was a youth pastor. She asked me “you seem so busy! Are you finished with wedding season??” I gave my usual […]

For Wedding Photographers: How to photograph two weddings in ONE weekend

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As I’ve grown in my business, I’ve had some pretty kick-A opportunities to talk to budding photographers. After countless conversations over coffee, quick talks on wedding days, or late night heart-to-hearts sipping wine, one struggle consistently comes up in each conversation: building a business is overwhelming Think about it. Growing your wedding photography business is […]

5 Tools and Apps My business (and Yours) can’t live without!

“I’ll carry your bag, get you water – whatever you need!” Before my first bride asked me to shoot her wedding, I was only a photography student. I said “YES!” and remember thinking, “Oh Laura, what have you gotten yourself into?!” I had no idea how to shoot a wedding!! The only wedding I had ever attended […]

How I Started Shooting Weddings

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