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Remember that time when I shot film portraits and totally nailed it? Me neither!

My two photography semesters in college were entirely focused on understanding my camera and learning the ins and outs on how it functioned (ISO, shutter speed, aperture – all that fun stuff!). In order to really jam this into our brains, my professors only allowed us to use film. Yeah, film. I felt like I was back in the dark ages (pun intended) because I’d grown so comfortable shooting digital.

Learning on film was a whole new experience. I was never completely comfortable with it. I had this idea in my mind that film was stagnant, old and boring. So the minute I was allowed to, I switched back to digital and focused (another pun!) on my work.

Fast forward to today…Erich McVey, Jose Villa and my personal favorite Perry Vaile are taking the wedding world by storm with their gorgeous, emotion-heavy portraits in film. While I don’t think I’ll switch to film photography for weddings just yet, I’ve always had a nagging in my heart to try it again.

Enter in Photo Native!!

After signing up for a styled shoot with Rachel Solomon, I got word that The Find Lab would have a rep there to help us shoot film. They offered our first roll free, so I took them up on that offer!

Y’all, I was so nervous. With digital, if you take a bad image, you can just delete it and move on, but with film, you lose that frame (and that’ll cost you a pretty penny). So each shot that I took cost me one deep breath and intense focus.


I felt artistic again – taking portraits for myself and getting creative. The suspense of not seeing the image right away was exhilarating! I loved the technical aspects of having to study the conditions and make decisions. I loved it all, and I’m totally down to try it again (saving up for a medium format film camera as we speak!).

Enjoy this tiny glimpse at the beautiful shoot from Rachel Solomon’s workshop for Photo Native, and a BIG thank you to the awesome vendors who gave their all! Once I get the go-ahead, I’ll post all the photos from the shoot, but for now you just get my film shots!

If you’re thinking of shooting film photography on your own – feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions! It was so much fun, but it definitely requires some guts!

For more photos check out my snowy mountainside adventure with Sarah and Josh in Salt Lake City here!


Planning, Styling and Flowers: Amber Reverie
Host Photographer: Rachel Solomon
Location: The Loft Studio Lehi
Gown: Alexandra Grecco
Silk Ribbons: Frou Frou Chic
Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Steph
Cake: Pippa Cakery
Calligraphy and Invitations: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
Ring: Taylor Custom Rings


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Film Portraits from Photo Native


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