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I love exploring new locations for sessions in Atlanta, but Shelby and Russell made me smile when they requested Summerour Studio for their engagement photos. After capturing a wedding day at Summerour Studio last year, I knew the location well and fell in love with it. The venue features a rustic Italian brick courtyard. With hanging ivy everywhere, it’s picturesque and lovely!

While the venue wasn’t new to me, I’ll always remember this session as a first. This is my first session captured entirely on film with zero digital backups. I’ve wanted to capture a session like this for some time, but I needed to find the right couple. Thankfully, Shelby and Russ embraced this idea fully!  Through their excitement at trying something new, I felt trusted and valued. Talk about a dream couple. They reaffirmed that, not only are they wonderful humans, they are a dream couple in my life in every way!

We loved walking around Summerour Studio at sunset, pausing to capture their love story, and sharing many laughs. Russ and Shelby are sweethearts, and I can’t wait for their wedding day next February at Brick and Ivey!


guy dipping girl for an engagement photo at Summerour Studio Groom nuzzling his bride with his arms wrapped around her Guy and girl smiling for their engagement photos at Summerour Studio Bride and Groom taking engagement photos at Summerour Studio in Atlanta Girl wearing black dress and guy wearing suit for their engagement outfit Guy and girl smiling for engagement photos Close up of a couple's hands with an engagement ring Girl soft smiling at the camera wearing a white dress Bride and groom portraits taken in the alley next to Summerour Studio Guy and girl laughing during engagement photos Guy and girl kissing at the top of the stairs of Summerour Studioboy and girl nuzzling nose to nose Summerour Studio Engagement photos couple laughing at the bottom of Summerour Soft forehead kiss by a groom Girl helping a guy up from sitting down on stairs Guy kissing the top of a girls head for their engagement portraits Guy and girl smiling at each other through doorway with a lot of ivy and brick Summerour Studio engagement photos Guy holding girls hand and pulling her along Groom and bride with bride smiling at the camera Summerour studio engagement photos Couple walking together in Summerour Studio's courtyard

Thank you to The Find Lab for processing my film perfectly!

Summerour Studio Engagement Photos | Shelby & Russell


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