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Choosing your perfect wedding hairstyle

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

By Erin Ryser


The perfect wedding hairstyle is unique to each individual bride.  Whether you identify as a classic bride, a modern bride, more on the boho end of the spectrum, or somewhere in between, it’s always good to focus on these few things in your search:

    1. A few perfect inspiration photos (Instagram and Pinterest have a wealth of these)
    2. Some key words to describe your goal look, and of course…
    3. Booking the right artist to execute your vision and help your day run smoothly.

Here are some tips to make sure each bride achieves the look of their bridal dreams!


Gather Inspiration Imagery

I find it helpful as an artist when brides come to their consultation/trial run with a few targeted inspiration photos to help guide me to their vision.  Words are helpful, but as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and while you likely don’t want the exact look in the photos, showing photos that have components you do like is helpful.  Ideally you should find a photo of a style in the shape you want (bun, French twist, chignon, etc), texture you prefer, and front of hair look you like on yourself. This is the recipe for executing the style correctly the first time!


Describe Your Ideal Vision

Words add to the picture for the artist as they work.  Some words that really help guide the overall look are “classic,” “modern,” “boho,” “sleek,” “textured,” etc.  And be sure to describe WHAT you like about each of the photos you show.  Don’t just show the photo without describing in words what you do and don’t like about the look in the photo.  Another important thing to explain is hang-ups you have from past hair experiences.  For example, if you had an experience when an artist pulled the hair tight in the front, and you didn’t like it on yourself…share that!  No need to share past artist names ☺…just let your current specialist learn from what you share with them.


Connect with your dream artist

And finally, finding the perfect hair and makeup artist for the big day!  I advise you not to “shop around” for the best price, but look passionately for your dream ARTIST!  It’s your wedding day, and your wedding day look is incredibly important.  Pricing often indicates experience and skill level; so don’t just go with the least expensive option unless that is your favorite artist.  Instead, look through portfolios and seek recommendations from your wedding planner or photographer.  Search the social media platforms and websites of the artists and pay attention to their connections.  You might find an artist you love is also linked to a photographer or planner you love! Match made in heaven!  Lastly, try to distinguish the personality of the artist in their communication, connections, and work.  You spend a lot of one-on-one time with that artist on wedding day…so make sure y’all vibe!


And there you have it, the recipe for success in landing your ideal style for wedding day! For more wedding planning advice, read more of our Planning with the Pros series!


Choosing your perfect wedding day hairstyle

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Hair Style


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