Meadowlark 1939 anniversary session with a miniature dachshund

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meadowlark 1939 photo shoot

Meadowlark 1939 Anniversary Session

We scheduled Sydney and Mitch’s anniversary session at Meadowlark 1939 for late February. Most couples don’t choose this time of year for several reasons – cold, rain, zero flowers – but here in Georgia, you never know what you’ll get! Our reasoning? Because Meadowlark 1939 has cherry blossoms! And they bloom this time of year. Who wouldn’t sign up for that?!

But unfortunately for us, Georgia’s weather is notoriously finicky. In the span of a few days leading up to the session, we saw temperatures in the 70s, 30s and then back up to the 50s with rain, sun and a chance of snow. Needless to say, those aren’t the best conditions for cherry blossoms to bloom. And when we arrived to Meadowlark 1939 for the session, they were already gone.

Did that keep us from having an amazing session? Heck no!

Sydney and Mitch showed up to the session with smiles on their faces (to be honest, I’ve never seen them frown). My dear friend Megan of Jolie Artistry came on site to do Sydney’s hair and makeup while Jackie with Blooming Hites created the most beautiful bouquet for her to hold.

As we walked around the property (every nook is gorgeous), we came across a meadow of wildflowers and daffodils! Even though we didn’t have cherry blossoms, I though this was a perfect substitute! Sydney and Mitch shined together, and it reminded me why I love what I do, and how thankful I am to have friends in this industry. (Sydney is an incredible photographer, as well!)

Sydney, Mitch, Jackie and Megan, thank you for making my dreams come true with this session! All of you are rockstars, and I consider myself lucky to know you!

Fun Fact

Our sweet golden dachshund, Piper, jumped in front of the camera for a few photos! Isn’t she the cutest?!

All photos were captured on medium format film and processed by The Find Lab. 

couple kissing under the tree at Meadowlark 1939 miniature blonde long-haired dachshund held by a couple during their portrait session at Meadowlark 1939 engagement portrait at Meadowlark 1939 engagement session at Meadowlark 1939 Meadowlark 1939 wedding photography Meadowlark 1939 wedding engaged couple kissing on a bench at Meadowlark gardens peach, orange and yellow wildflower wedding bouquet

Sydney & Mitch’s Meadowlark 1939 Anniversary Session with Mini Dachshund


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